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AndroidTestRunner: don't fail waiting for the app to start/finishHEADdev
Currently, under waitToFinish(), we wait for the app to start and if it doesn't start or starts and exits too quickly for the test runner to catch it, it fails. The test runner tries to get the pid of the test after it detects the app has started. However, we don't really need to fail, the test runner could simply continue the execution and assume the test was run and finished, and proceed to fetching the test results. Since, the results fetching don't anyway rely on the pid, the test runner can let that operation decide whether to fail or not (if not output is found). Also, along the way, instead of issuing a different command to get the pid (i.e. adb shell pidof), we can use the same "adb shell ps" command that is used to check if the app is running, to obtain the pid. Fixes: QTQAINFRA-5928 Fixes: QTBUG-88508 Pick-to: 6.6 6.5 Change-Id: Ice945fcb686c4ef21b5f1c143aa22922ae928333 Reviewed-by: Axel Spoerl <>
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