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Made QWindow::currentOrientation() a property.
To match the previous QWindow::orientation() property which can be useful to access from QML. Also, removed the automatic translation of Qt::PrimaryOrientation to QScreen::primaryOrientation() on the QWindow level, as it leads to a lot of complexity regarding the QWindow::contentOrientationChanged() signal, and makes it hard to distinguish between the case where the window's orientation follows that of the screen, and the case where the orientation just happens to be set to that of the screen. Change-Id: I6950d1337b7f929815eff1328181855090d8066b Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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@@ -351,6 +351,8 @@ QRect QScreen::availableVirtualGeometry() const
will change based on the device is being held, and a desktop display
might be rotated so that it's in portrait mode.
+ Qt::PrimaryOrientation is never returned.
\sa primaryOrientation(), orientationChanged()
Qt::ScreenOrientation QScreen::orientation() const