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Improved the QBackingStore documentation.
Added links to the example and added some explanation of when QBackingStore might be useful. Change-Id: Iee19c4fdfc5c27ac9b559c9df428d83d302f3928 Reviewed-by: Paul Olav Tvete <>
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\since 5.0
\inmodule QtGui
- \brief The QBackingStore class provides the drawing area for top-level windows.
+ \brief The QBackingStore class provides a drawing area for QWindow.
+ QBackingStore enables the use of QPainter to paint on a QWindow with type
+ RasterSurface. The other way of rendering to a QWindow is through the use
+ of OpenGL with QOpenGLContext.
+ A QBackingStore contains a buffered representation of the window contents,
+ and thus supports partial updates by using QPainter to only update a sub
+ region of the window contents.
+ QBackingStore might be used by an application that wants to use QPainter
+ without OpenGL acceleration and without the extra overhead of using the
+ QWidget or QGraphicsView UI stacks. For an example of how to use
+ QBackingStore see the \l{gui/rasterwindow}{Raster Window} example.