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Added capHeight() to QRawFont and QFontMetrics(F)
Cap height is an important metric of font, in particular it is required to make decent implementation of "initial-letter" CSS property in QtWebKit. Note that some fonts lack cap height metadata, so we need to fall back to measuring H letter height. Change-Id: Icf69d92159d070889085e20d31f2e397d796d940 Reviewed-by: Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt <>
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@@ -325,6 +325,23 @@ qreal QRawFont::ascent() const
+ Returns the cap height of this QRawFont in pixel units.
+ \since 5.8
+ The cap height of a font is the height of a capital letter above
+ the baseline. It specifically is the height of capital letters
+ that are flat - such as H or I - as opposed to round letters such
+ as O, or pointed letters like A, both of which may display overshoot.
+ \sa QFontMetricsF::capHeight()
+qreal QRawFont::capHeight() const
+ return d->isValid() ? d->fontEngine->capHeight().toReal() : 0.0;
Returns the descent of this QRawFont in pixel units.
\sa QFontMetricsF::descent()