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QSharedNetworkSessionManager: clean up
Under no circumstance must Qt code define a non-public qHash() overload of a public Qt type. If you can't provide a public qHash() for the type, you can't use QHash. Period. This is because if we don't provide a qHash() function, the user will have to provide one, and then we have an ODR violation, iow: UB. So, port away from QHash and qHash and use std::unordered_map, which allows to pass a custom hash function - just what we needed. Also fix other issues of the code: - Use a function object as the deleter of the QSharedPointer, to allow inlining the function call. - Avoid double lookup in case of a cache miss. - Don't use direct initialization syntax for pointer variables. That's just ... weird. Change-Id: Ica8bff728c1bd1cbb2fb43aa03a99bcb7ac2f7cc Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <>
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