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Make variant selection possible if base is missing
[ChangeLog][QtCore][QFileSelector] Removed the requirement for an unused default base file in case you want to load only a variant. When the base file (e.g. /image.jpg) was missing, no selectors were considered and it was not possible to load variants of this file (e.g. /+android/image.jpg, /+android/+tablet/image.jpg) without specifying the directory as well. As a work around, one previously had to place a default file in the base location, which is undesirable in some cases because: 1. The extra file consumes unnecessary space. 2. It is impossible to encapsulate platform-specific implementation details by hiding files in a subdirectory. Task-number: QTBUG-51230 Change-Id: I4c7f9ec952bff6e5b7738d8cabe3c762c208a38e Reviewed-by: Robin Burchell <>
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