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committerOswald Buddenhagen <>2018-12-17 21:30:05 +0000
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configure: adjust openssl lib names on mingw
both the mingw and msvc build have a "lib" prefix on the libraries. this makes the msvc build unconventional, so it needs an extra source. for the mingw build, otoh, this is the expected setup, so the source used for unix will work just fine. this doesn't fix any actual bug, because mingw will apparently resolve -llibfoo to libfoo.a even though only liblibfoo.a and libfoo.lib are documented (on however, this mix of conventions is ugly and should be avoided. Change-Id: I32b1621e4ac15db1f071c08ced738bfdafdcc11b Reviewed-by: Timur Pocheptsov <> Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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diff --git a/src/network/configure.json b/src/network/configure.json
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--- a/src/network/configure.json
+++ b/src/network/configure.json
@@ -77,9 +77,12 @@
"libs": "-llibssl -llibcrypto",
- "condition": "config.win32"
+ "condition": "config.msvc"
- { "libs": "-lssl -lcrypto", "condition": "!config.win32" }
+ {
+ "libs": "-lssl -lcrypto",
+ "condition": "!config.msvc"
+ }