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committerAndré Klitzing <>2017-07-04 18:03:59 +0000
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QSslSocket: OpenSSL 1.1 backend
This patch-set implements a new QSslSocket backend based on OpenSSL 1.1. 1. General. The code in this patch was organized to achieve these (somewhat contradicting) objectives: - keep the new code free of #if-ery, as far as possible; - make it easy to clean away dead code when we're eventually able to retire out-dated OpenSSL versions; - reduce the amount of code duplication. If changes in some file/component were insignificant (~5 one-liners per file), we still use pp-checks like: #if QT_CONFIG(opensslv11) ... #else ... #endif - the logic is simple and it's still easy to clean the code if we remove the legacy back-end. Where it saved #if-ery, we also introduced 'forward-compatible' macros implementing equivalents of 1.1 functions using older OpenSSL. In case some class contains a lot of version-specific ifdefs (particularly where nested #if-ery was complex) we choose to split code into: "pre11" h/cpp files, "shared" h/cpp files (they preserve their original names, e.g qsslsocket_openssl.cpp) and "11" h/cpp files. If in future we remove the legacy back-end, "pre11" should be removed; "shared" and "11" parts - merged. 2. Configuration. We introduced a new feature 'opensslv11' which complements the pre-existing 'openssl' and 'openssl-linked' features. The 'opensslv11' feature is enabled by a simple test which either compiles successfully or ends in a compilation error, depending on a value of the OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER constant. If the feature was enabled, we also append an additional compilation flag -DOPENSSL_API_COMPAT=0x10100000L to make sure our new code does not contain deprecated structures, function calls, macro-invocations from OpenSSL < 1.1. Change-Id: I2064efbe9685def5d2bb2233a66f7581954fb74a Reviewed-by: André Klitzing <> Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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diff --git a/src/network/configure.json b/src/network/configure.json
index efb48f7655..17460285bc 100644
--- a/src/network/configure.json
+++ b/src/network/configure.json
@@ -105,6 +105,12 @@
"type": "compile",
"test": "unix/sctp",
"use": "network"
+ },
+ "openssl11": {
+ "label": "OpenSSL v. 1.1 support",
+ "type": "compile",
+ "test": "unix/openssl11",
+ "use": "network"
@@ -172,6 +178,11 @@
"condition": "config.winrt || features.securetransport || features.openssl",
"output": [ "publicFeature", "feature" ]
+ "opensslv11": {
+ "label": "OpenSSL v. 1.1",
+ "condition": "tests.openssl11",
+ "output": ["publicFeature", "feature"]
+ },
"sctp": {
"label": "SCTP",
"autoDetect": false,