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Remove vestiges of Qt's own sockaddr_in6 and sockaddr_storage
We weren't using qt_sockaddr_storage, so it's not a problem. But since we're not using it anyway, we don't really need it. The storage is only needed if we needed to get a bigger socket address and that only happens with Unix sockets (paths). sockaddr_in6, however, was just wrong. Some systems derived from BSD, like OS X, have a sXX_len field containing the length of the socket address structure and our qt_sockaddr_in6 was missing sin6_len. As a result, setting sin6_family was just plain wrong on little-endian systems. Like all modern systems running BSDs and OS X... Change-Id: I7de033f80b0e4431b7f1ffff13f900f004c55443 Reviewed-by: Richard J. Moore <>
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diff --git a/src/network/kernel/qnetworkinterface_win_p.h b/src/network/kernel/qnetworkinterface_win_p.h
index 88c1945fe6..55d98d2407 100644
--- a/src/network/kernel/qnetworkinterface_win_p.h
+++ b/src/network/kernel/qnetworkinterface_win_p.h
@@ -91,17 +91,6 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
#define IF_TYPE_PPP 23
-// copied from qnativesocketengine_win.cpp
-struct qt_in6_addr {
- u_char qt_s6_addr[16];
-typedef struct {
- short sin6_family; /* AF_INET6 */
- u_short sin6_port; /* Transport level port number */
- u_long sin6_flowinfo; /* IPv6 flow information */
- struct qt_in6_addr sin6_addr; /* IPv6 address */
- u_long sin6_scope_id; /* set of interfaces for a scope */
-} qt_sockaddr_in6;
// copied from MSDN online help
typedef enum {