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OpenGL: Don't request a context version higher than is supported
The function wglCreateContextAttribsARB will fail if we request a context version higher than is supported. We therefore upper-bound the requested version by the version of the static context. This results in context creation succeeding and having the closest possible match to the requested format. The xcb qpa plugin is modified to operate similarly to the windows plugin in that it now creates a "static" context which is used to limit the versions of contexts requested by the user. Change-Id: I277ad7cc82edfdf7b9d8502ad921c8175feb1a4a Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <>
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@@ -3002,6 +3002,14 @@ bool QGLContext::areSharing(const QGLContext *context1, const QGLContext *contex
specified in the constructor; otherwise returns false (i.e. the
context is invalid).
+ If the OpenGL implementation on your system does not support the requested
+ version of OpenGL context, then QGLContext will try to create the closest
+ matching version. The actual created context properties can be queried
+ using the QGLFormat returned by the format() function. For example, if
+ you request a context that supports OpenGL 4.3 Core profile but the driver
+ and/or hardware only supports version 3.2 Core profile contexts then you will
+ get a 3.2 Core profile context.
After successful creation, format() returns the set of features of
the created GL rendering context.