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@@ -205,13 +205,16 @@ int QGLFramebufferObjectFormat::samples() const
\since 4.8
- Enables or disables mipmapping. Mipmapping is disabled by default.
+ Enables mipmapping if \a enabled is true; otherwise disables it.
+ Mipmapping is disabled by default.
If mipmapping is enabled, additional memory will be allocated for
the mipmap levels. The mipmap levels can be updated by binding the
texture and calling glGenerateMipmap(). Mipmapping cannot be enabled
for multisampled framebuffer objects.
- \sa mipmap(), texture()
+ \sa mipmap(), QGLFramebufferObject::texture()
void QGLFramebufferObjectFormat::setMipmap(bool enabled)
@@ -713,7 +716,7 @@ void QGLFramebufferObjectPrivate::init(QGLFramebufferObject *q, const QSize &sz,
as a texture, you first need to copy from it to a regular framebuffer
object using QGLContext::blitFramebuffer().
- \section Threading
+ \section1 Threading
As of Qt 4.8, it's possible to draw into a QGLFramebufferObject
using a QPainter in a separate thread. Note that OpenGL 2.0 or