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Fix some documentation errors.
Correct links and fix typos, remove obsolete documentation, fix some snippets, mark some classes as internal. Change-Id: I9a3266605f060783413d32740057a57a820c8929 Reviewed-by: Laszlo Agocs <>
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--- a/src/opengl/qglfunctions.cpp
+++ b/src/opengl/qglfunctions.cpp
@@ -466,7 +466,7 @@ void QGLFunctions::initializeGLFunctions(const QGLContext *context)
- \fn void QGLFunctions::glBufferData(GLenum target, qgl_GLsizeiptr size, const void* data, GLenum usage)
+ \fn void QGLFunctions::glBufferData(GLenum target, qopengl_GLsizeiptr size, const void* data, GLenum usage)
Convenience function that calls glBufferData(\a target, \a size, \a data, \a usage).
@@ -475,7 +475,7 @@ void QGLFunctions::initializeGLFunctions(const QGLContext *context)
- \fn void QGLFunctions::glBufferSubData(GLenum target, qgl_GLintptr offset, qgl_GLsizeiptr size, const void* data)
+ \fn void QGLFunctions::glBufferSubData(GLenum target, qopengl_GLintptr offset, qopengl_GLsizeiptr size, const void* data)
Convenience function that calls glBufferSubData(\a target, \a offset, \a size, \a data).