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Add a new static lib and module for OpenGL extensions
The complete set of OpenGL extensions is large meaning that any attempt to incorporate them into a shared library such as QtGui would bloat the size of that library. The typical usage pattern for OpenGL extensions is to use only a very small number of extensions from the total available set. A static library suits this situation very well as an application will only compile in the executable code for the extensions actually used. Thus makign all of the functionality available to those that need it but with zero cost to those that do not. Change-Id: I49fdac7e9d2e0b190b7ea04b776018dd63c3065f Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <>
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+TARGET = QtOpenGLExtensions
+QT = core
+CONFIG += static
+PRECOMPILED_HEADER = ../corelib/global/qt_pch.h
+HEADERS = qopenglextensions.h
+SOURCES = qopenglextensions.cpp