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Add QXcbWindow platform interface
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a platform plugin from QGuiApplication::platformFunction(). Headers in
QtPlatformHeaders can also implement wrapper functions for the function
pointer, giving a static function that can be called from any context after
- the platform integration has been created. An implementation of this
- pattern is QXcbWindowFunctions::setWmWindowType(). This function retrieves
- a function pointer from QGuiApplication::platformFunction, and executes
- that function if the requested function was returned.
+ the platform integration has been created.
\note Similar to the other QPA APIs, there are no binary compatibility
guarantees for these classes, meaning that an application using these
classes is only guaranteed to work with the Qt version it was developed
against. Unlike QPA however, source compatibility is guaranteed.
- \sa QXcbWindowFunctions QWindowsWindowFunctions
+ \sa QWindowsWindowFunctions
\section1 Getting Started
To include the definitions of the module's functions and classes, use the following directives:
#include <QtPlatformHeaders/QWindowsWindowFunctions>
- #include <QtPlatformHeaders/QXcbWindowFunctions>
As the module is header-only, no modifications to your build system are required.