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Add section "Getting Started" to QPlatformHeader's documentation.
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\sa QXcbWindowFunctions QWindowsWindowFunctions
+ \section1 Getting Started
+ To include the definitions of the module's functions and classes, use the following directives:
+ \code
+ #include <QtPlatformHeaders/QWindowsWindowFunctions>
+ #include <QtPlatformHeaders/QXcbWindowFunctions>
+ \endcode
+ As the module is header-only, no further modifications to the .pro files are required to use it.
+ \note The module name (\c QtPlatformHeaders) must appear in the \c #include directive.
+ \note It is not necessary to enclose the code in \c #ifdef directives depending on platform.
\section1 API Reference
\li \l{Qt Platform Headers C++ Classes}{C++ Classes}