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Add a tech preview eglfs device integration for VSP2 composition
This creates a new device integration for eglfs, eglfs_kms_vsp2, that's very similar to eglfs_kms_gbm, but includes an extra step for doing VSP2 hardware compositing. The main Qt content is drawn to double buffered off-screen GBM buffers which are converted using drmPrimeHandleToFD so we get DMA buffer file descriptors that can be used by the VSP2 blending hardware. The blending hardware writes to double buffered DRM dumb buffers, which are flipped with drmModePageFlip. Communicating with the VSP2 is done using the Video4Linux2 (V4L2) streaming API. There are two steps in creating abstractions for this. First, there is the QLinuxMedia class that consists of a Qt style wrapper for V4L2 without anything VSP2 specific. Second, there is QVsp2BlendingDevice which hides some of the streaming details of the VSP2 and has some level of error recovery. Both classes include a fair bit of logging and error reporting. The patch is written with Wayland compositors in mind, but should work for other use cases as well. This is just the basic support to make compositing work, additional features may be added in subsequent patches, i.e: - Auto-detect VSP2 (-feature-vsp2 currently needs to be explicitly enabled). - Support for setting the alpha value of a layer. - Support clipping layers. - Support for scaling layers. - Support for other output formats than RGBA32. - Hardware cursor support. - Support foreign layers below the main Qt layer. - Support for memory mapped and user pointer buffer types (currently only DMA buffers are supported). Change-Id: I1917d2dbdbaeded0d9c021baaa799d56afe1a9bd Reviewed-by: Laszlo Agocs <>
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