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Add a way to access loadKeymap on eglfs
[ChangeLog][QtGui] Keymaps are now changeable at runtime when using eglfs Task-number: QTBUG-39583 Change-Id: I93480da72c1d1d1db1914298fe624cae02b0b2d0 Reviewed-by: Jørgen Lind <> Reviewed-by: Will Wagner <>
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+ \class QEglFSFunctions
+ \inmodule QtPlatformHeaders
+ \brief The QEglFSFunctions class is an inline class containing
+ platform-specific functionality for the eglfs platform plugin that is
+ typically used on systems running Embedded Linux or Android.
+ \typedef QEglFSFunctions::LoadKeymapType
+ Function type for loadKeymap.
+ \fn QByteArray QEglFSFunctions::loadKeymapTypeIdentifier()
+ \return the identifier that can be passed to
+ QGuiApplication::platformFunction() to query the entry point for the
+ loadKeymap function implementation.
+ \fn void QEglFSFunctions::loadKeymap(const QString &filename)
+ Loads and switches to the keymap from \a filename. When \a filename is
+ empty, the default keymap, which is either the built-on one or the keymap
+ given in the plugin specification, is restored.
+ \note This is functional only when the evdev keyboard support code is
+ compiled in to the platform plugin. When using external generic plugins via
+ the \c{-plugin} argument, or when the environment variable
+ \c{QT_QPA_EGLFS_DISABLE_INPUT} is set or when building Qt without evdev
+ support, this function will have no effect.