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Expose the number of X screen through the QXcbScreenFunctions
X screen corresponds to Qt virtual desktop, and RandR output corresponds to QScreen. There can be more than one X screen, so we need a way to get the number of X screen for QScreen, in particular for the right implementation of some methods in QX11Info. Change-Id: Ib5e38703bf11ae08bb283f26a7b7b15f1a5e8671 Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <>
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+#include <QtPlatformHeaders/QPlatformHeaderHelper>
+class QScreen;
+class QXcbScreenFunctions
+ typedef bool (*VirtualDesktopNumber)(const QScreen *screen);
+ static const QByteArray virtualDesktopNumberIdentifier() { return QByteArrayLiteral("XcbVirtualDesktopNumber"); }
+ static int virtualDesktopNumber(const QScreen *screen)
+ {
+ return QPlatformHeaderHelper::callPlatformFunction<int, VirtualDesktopNumber, const QScreen *>(virtualDesktopNumberIdentifier(), screen);
+ }