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pro2cmake: Adjust script to generate new CMake API calls
The script can now generate both old style CMake API calls (add_qt_module), as well as new style (qt_add_module). The first case is considered api version 1, and the second case is version 2. You can force which api version to use for generation using the --api-version command line argument. This is useful when you want to regenerate an old project (one that hasn't switched to new style), to keep the diffs easier to read. When no parameter is specified, the script will auto-detect which api version is used in the existing CMakeLists.txt file (if it exists), and keep using that, until someone force regenerates the project with a new api version. Change-Id: I41e4e6ed5db94ef7220c09b46fc5f12e6613e5d2 Reviewed-by: Leander Beernaert <> Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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