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Cocoa: QImage -> CGImage conversion cleanup
Move to one qt_mac_toCGImage function that has simple semantics and properly retains a copy of the QImage for the lifetime of the CGImage. Remove the old qt_mac_toCGImage function which had two problems: 1) It would not retain the QImage data (this was probably ok for its original use case: creating short-lived CGImages for the paint engine) 2) It had acquired a somewhat odd **datacopy out parameter for the cases where you _do_ want to retain the image data. This makes the exported image conversion function from QtMacExtras work: The CGImages it creates will no longer reference free'd memory once the QImage is deleted. Change-Id: I583040d16aefb17fc3d801d6b047a0b2a76c7f74 Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <>
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@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ QList<QByteArray> QMacPasteboardMimeTiff::convertFromMime(const QString &mime, Q
return ret;
QImage img = qvariant_cast<QImage>(variant);
- QCFType<CGImageRef> cgimage = qt_mac_image_to_cgimage(img);
+ QCFType<CGImageRef> cgimage = qt_mac_toCGImage(img);
QCFType<CFMutableDataRef> data = CFDataCreateMutable(0, 0);
QCFType<CGImageDestinationRef> imageDestination = CGImageDestinationCreateWithData(data, kUTTypeTIFF, 1, 0);