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streamline libdl detection and linking
instead of having a library and a test, use a library with two sources, the first being empty (i.e., just libc). this allows us doing away with the "libdl" feature, and using just the "dlopen" one. subsequently, replace all LIBS+=$$QMAKE_LIBS_DYNLOAD with QMAKE_USE+=libdl. the definitions of QMAKE_LIBS_DYNLOAD remain in the qmakespecs for backwards compat only. n.b.: the only specs where it is not empty or "-ldl" (i.e., what we support now) are the hpux ones, where the library is called 'dld'. technically, the "library" feature should depend on '!unix || dlopen', but that's for a later patch. Change-Id: Ib8546affc4b7bc757f1a76729573ddd00e152176 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <> Reviewed-by: Ulf Hermann <>
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qtHaveModule(input_support-private): \
QT += input_support-private
# Avoid X11 header collision, use generic EGL native types