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macOS: Add LLDB debug script when building with separate debug info (dSYM)
The script will look for the most recent Qt Creator version on the system, and pick up the LLDB summary providers from there, allowing pretty-printing of Qt types inside LLDB/Xcode. LLDB will detect the file when loading the dSYM, and inform the user that the file can be loaded to enable the formatters. The script can be loaded automatically by adding the following setting in ~/.lldbinit: settings set target.load-script-from-symbol-file true Which comes as a slight security risk, as other libraries might have scripts of their own. The alternative is to load the script directly from ~/.lldbinit: command script import "<path to debug script in dSYM>" With an optional target.load-script-from-symbol-file set to false, to silence the warning when loading the dSYM bundle. Change-Id: I01ba51dab725a8d0a58f1ad1749742443b639cc5 Reviewed-by: hjk <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <> Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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