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Windows platform: Improve Open GL.
- Pass on version to ARB. - Query obtained ARB format more fine-grained depending on version, indicate failures - Fix GDI contexts and introduce gl=gdi to activate the GDI functionality - Adapt window flags after setParent if top level state changes - Remove unused OpenGL flag from integration/context Change-Id: I59ca74ee1fa727bd2bcfd605b3907bc82cca18fa Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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\brief Class documentation of the Qt Lighthouse plugin for Windows.
+ \section1 Supported parameters
+ The following parameters can be passed on to the -platform argument
+ of QGuiApplication:
+ \list
+ \o \c fontengine=native Indicates that the freetype font
+ engine should not be used.
+ \o \c gl=gdi Indicates that ARB Open GL functionality should not be used
+ \endlist
\section1 Tips