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QCOMPARE: allow mixed-type comparisons
There's no reason to restrict the LHS and the RHS to the same type like it was done before. That just leads to lots of casting. or use of QVERIFY(. == .) instead of QCOMPARE, with all the disadvantages like no printing of the LHS and RHS values. The rationale given in the documentation for this behavior is incorrect. Ensuring that RHS and LHS have the same type by no means ensures that no implicit conversions take place when calling operator==. Proof: QCOMPARE(QLatin1Char('a'), QLatin1Char('a')); // instantiates qCompare<QLatin1Char, QLatin1Char> // but calls operator==(QChar, QChar) If the intent is to disable implicit conversions of the argument types, then some serious metaprogramming magic would be needed, along the following lines: 1. find out which op== overload is actually chosen 2. find that overload's RHS parameter type, assert it's the same as (possibly cv-qualified) T1. 3. ditto for the LHS parameter type and T2 This is not attempted here. Fix the inconvenience this restriction caused by simply allowing two types. This cannot break existing code, since we didn't actually change anything in the qCompare() overload set. All we do is implement the existing qCompare<T1, T2>() overload. [ChangeLog][QtTest] QCOMPARE can now be used for mixed-type comparisons. Change-Id: I0413dbd3689809852413eaca22827257f1527720 Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <> Reviewed-by: Christian Kandeler <> Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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