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pro2cmake: Handle QT += core-private correctly for modules
If a module project (Quick) contains QT += core-private, the qmake semantics translated to CMake would mean the following: target_link_libraries(Quick PUBLIC Core) target_link_libraries(Quick PRIVATE CorePrivate) target_link_libraries(QuickPrivate INTERFACE CorePrivate) Whereas a QT_PRIVATE += core-private only means target_link_libraries(Quick PRIVATE CorePrivate) without adding any public dependencies to QuickPrivate. To achieve that, we need a few modifications to both pro2cmake and QtBuild.cmake - pro2cmake doesn't automagically add public and private dependencies to targets when encountering a private module assigned to QT. Instead it generates the logic described above by passing correct LIBRARIES, PUBLIC_LIBRARIES, and PRIVATE_MODULE_INTERFACE values. - pro2cmake doesn't do any dependency magic for non-module targets anymore, like executables, plugins, internal_modules. This means that QT assignments are now regular public dependencies. - qt_add_module and qt_extend_target now accept a new PRIVATE_MODULE_INTERFACE option. - qt_extend_target does not automagically make private modules be public dependencies on other private modules. - qt_extend_target correctly assigns PRIVATE_MODULE_INTERFACE values to Private module only. For other target types, it's a no-op. The change requires regeneration of all projects. When we fix pro2cmake and QtBuild.cmake to properly handle internal_modules (create only Private modules without creating a non-Private counter part), we will need another project regeneration to correctly assign dependencies. Change-Id: I4c21f26b3ef3b2a4ed208b58bccb65a5b7312f81 Task-number: QTBUG-81780 Reviewed-by: Leander Beernaert <> Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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