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QTouchEvent: add uniqueId and rotation; TUIO: support fiducial tokens
TUIO supports tracking tagged physical objects on touchscreens by various means (QR codes, RFIDs etc.) It can detect both position and rotation. Likewise, it may be possible for some touchscreens or drivers to detect orientation of the fingers. So, just as QTabletEvent has rotation, each touchpoint needs to include the rotation value. When using tokens, each object has a permanent unique ID, whereas QTouchEvent::TouchPoint::id() is a transient ID which usually auto- increments each time a finger is pressed to the device. So we need to make that available too, to identify each token. Different platforms may use different kinds of IDs (int, UUID, QR code etc.); however for TUIO 1.x, the unique IDs are just 32-bit integers. QPointerUniqueId is added, storing only a qint64 for now (like QTabletEvent::uniqueId()) but able to be expanded as necessary later on. Task-number: QTBUG-51844 Change-Id: I04182042f47fa2954728079139a4664a31184b54 Reviewed-by: Robin Burchell <>
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