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xcb: fix logic in QXcbConnection::initializeXInput2()
Things that were broken: - The return values of XIQueryVersion interpreted wrongly. BadRequest means no XI2 support on the server. Nesting more XIQueryVersion calls to check for lower minor version of XI2 in this case does not make sense. On Success, server's supported X Input version is returned. Server's supported version can be lower than the version we have announced to support. In this case Qt client will be limited by X server's supported version (which is ok, as we do check the available version at runtime via QXcbConnection::isAtLeastXI2*). - The code was _always_ announcing to X server that we support XI 2.2, by ignoring what actually is supported in the specific build (see XCB_USE_XINPUT ifdefs). - qCDebug messages and logging categories were wrong too. Change-Id: Ia84457f125474aa851b7a91ed19fc5b904ac359e Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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