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iOS: explicit synthesize properties as readwrite
The synthesized properties were defined as (read only) methods in the UIViewController API in iOS9, and we extended them into readwrite properties in our own sub class to enable some local bookkeeping in addition to normal overriding. But in iOS10, Apple has changed the methods into being readonly properties instead. The difference then is that automatic property synthesizing will ignore our local readwrite declarations, and use the declarations in the super class instead. And this will lead to a runtime crash on iOS10 since no setter methods are generated. This patch will instead explicit synthesize the affected properties to ensure that both getters and setters will be generated. Change-Id: Iac330e991b8a0fe335e383e1f7d9ff30c0ce1559 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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@implementation QIOSViewController
+@synthesize prefersStatusBarHidden;
+@synthesize preferredStatusBarUpdateAnimation;
+@synthesize preferredStatusBarStyle;
- (id)initWithQIOSScreen:(QIOSScreen *)screen
if (self = [self init]) {