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Initial porting guide for QtGui and QtPrintSupport
Additional porting documentation for QtWidgets. Task-number: QTBUG-88149 Task-number: QTBUG-88151 Change-Id: Ia28f01a8d8d6eaee9d8f08af1a54b76e57620cab Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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In this topic we summarize those changes in Qt Print Support, and provide
guidance to handle them.
- \section1 ADD STUFF HERE
+ \section1 General API consolidation
+ The various enums and types for \l{QPageSize}{page sizes},
+ margins, and orientation have been consolidated. QPrinter APIs to set
+ paper sizes and margins explicitly have been removed; use
+ QPagedPaintDevice::setPageLayout(), QPagedPaintDevice::setPageSize(),
+ QPagedPaintDevice::setPageOrientation(), and
+ QPagedPaintDevice::setPageMargins() instead.