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Coin: use CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX for cross-compilationsHEADdev
Use CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX instead of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX when cross-compiling. This separates the host path used in staging prefix and the target path used in the install prefix for the device. This prevents for example Windows paths from being used in a device that does not support those. It also tells qmake not to sysrootify paths when building with it. Embedded linux and QNX builds are mostly affected and need this to use correct RPATHs and to unsysrootify qmake. Mobile platforms (Android and iOS) are not affected since they package binaries separately. WASM and INTEGRITY are static builds and device paths are not used. Cross-compiled auto tests keep staging prefix in RPATHs due to the behavior implemented in commit 20292250d44e08437306096e9096fc655cc9fb8b which keeps the QEMU test runs working as before. Pick-to: 6.3 6.2 Change-Id: If464ccd8cd9318a853df9afcb2aa709fbb2c1837 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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