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Android: Bump gradle (plugin) versionsHEADdev
Android Gradle plugin 4.1.3 is compatible with the new <queries> declaration for package visibility on Android 11. If someone adds the <queries> element or starts relying on a library or SDK that supports targeting Android 11, they might encounter manifest merging errors when building the app. This is important since starting August 2021 the PlayStore requires new apps from targeting Android 11. So lets update to the newest Android Gradle plugin version. This also reverts 1e4dec12d5c0152d5c3eee3b612a0af4bf389a37 as AGP 4.1 requires at least buildToolsVersion 29.0.2. Change-Id: Id8ce5dadeb8a325dc9f901503946f325f3fd18a0 Reviewed-by: Lars Schmertmann <> Reviewed-by: BogDan Vatra <>
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