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Long live Qt5 meta-object method/property descriptors
This commit introduces two significant changes to the meta-object data format: 1) Meta-type information (QMetaType type/name) information is stored directly in the meta-data for both properties and methods; 2) The original signature (string) of a method is no longer stored in the meta-data, since it can be reconstructed from the method name and parameter type info. The motivation for this change is to enable direct access to method names and type information (avoiding string-based lookup for types if possible), since that's typically the information language bindings (e.g. QML) need. (moc already had all the desired information about methods, but it threw it away!) This change keeps support for the older (6 and below) meta-object revisions, but the support will be removed after a short grace period. The following public QMetaMethod functions have been added: name() : QByteArray returnType() : int parameterCount() : int parameterType(int index) : int The following internal QMetaMethod function has been added: getParameterTypes(int *types) : void This commit extends the meta-method data to include explicit type/name data for methods. The new data follows the existing (5-word) method descriptors in the meta-data. The method descriptor format was modified to enable this. First, the descriptor now contains the meta-data index where the method's type/name information can be found. Second, the descriptor contains the number of parameters. Third, the descriptor has a reference to the name of the method, not the full signature. Each entry of a method's type/name array contains either the type id (if it could be determined at meta-object definition time), or a reference to the name of the type (so that the type id can be resolved at runtime). Lastly, instead of storing the method parameter names as a comma-separated list that needs to be parsed at runtime (which was how it was done prior to this commit), the names are now stored as separate entries in the meta-object string table, and their indexes are stored immediately after the method type info array. Hence, parameter names can be queried through the public API without parsing/allocating/copying, too. Task-number: QTBUG-24154 Change-Id: Idb7ab81f12d4bfd658b74e18a0fce594f580cba3 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <> Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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diff --git a/src/tools/moc/generator.h b/src/tools/moc/generator.h
index c5692f25ae..c85d24fd15 100644
--- a/src/tools/moc/generator.h
+++ b/src/tools/moc/generator.h
@@ -58,8 +58,9 @@ private:
void registerClassInfoStrings();
void generateClassInfos();
void registerFunctionStrings(const QList<FunctionDef> &list);
- void generateFunctions(const QList<FunctionDef> &list, const char *functype, int type);
+ void generateFunctions(const QList<FunctionDef> &list, const char *functype, int type, int &paramsIndex);
void generateFunctionRevisions(const QList<FunctionDef>& list, const char *functype);
+ void generateFunctionParameters(const QList<FunctionDef> &list, const char *functype);
void registerEnumStrings();
void generateEnums(int index);
void registerPropertyStrings();