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and their public interfaces. The types are grouped into a module, the
\l{UI Components} module.
- The \l{componentset/uicomponents.qdoc}{uicomponents.qdoc} file generates
+ The \l{componentset/uicomponents.qdoc.sample}{uicomponents.qdoc} file generates
the overview page for the \l{UI Components} module page.
The generated documentation is available in the \l{UI Components} module.
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inside C++ classes to define the public API of the QML type.
+ \qmlmodule UIComponents 1.0
+ \title UI Components
+ \brief Basic set of UI components
+ This is a listing of a list of UI components implemented by QML types. These
+ files are available for general import and they are based off the \l{Qt
+ Quick Code Samples}.
+ This module is part of the \l{componentset}{UIComponents} example.