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-** will be met:
- \example componentset
- \title QML Documentation Example
- This example demonstrates one of the ways to document QML types.
- In particular, there are sample types that are documented with QDoc
- commands comments. There are documentation comments for the QML types
- and their public interfaces. The types are grouped into a module, the
- \l{UI Components} module.
- The \l{componentset/uicomponents.qdoc.sample}{uicomponents.qdoc} file generates
- the overview page for the \l{UI Components} module page.
- The generated documentation is available in the \l{UI Components} module.
- \section1 QML Class
- The QML types use the \l{qmltype-command}{\\qmltype} to document the
- type. In addition, they have the \l{inmodule-command}{\\inmodule}
- command in order for QDoc to associate them to the \c UIComponents module.
- QDoc uses the \l{brief-command}{\\brief} command to place a basic
- description when listing the types.
- \section1 Properties, Signals, Handlers, and Methods
- The types have their properties, signals, handlers, and methods
- defined in their respective QML files. QDoc associates the properties and
- methods to the types, therefore, you only need to place the
- documentation above the property, method, or signal.
- To document the type of a \e {property alias}, you must use the
- \l{qmlproperty-command}{\\qmlproperty} command to specify the data type.
- \code
- \qmlproperty int anAliasedProperty
- An aliased property of type int.
- \endcode
- \section2 Internal Documentation
- You may declare that a documentation is for internal use by placing the
- \l{internal-command}{\\internal} command after the beginning QDoc comment
- \begincomment. QDoc will prevent the internal documentation from appearing
- in the public API.
- If you wish to omit certain parts of the documentation, you may use the
- \l{omit-command}{\\omit} and \l{omit-command}{\\endomit} command.
- \section1 QML Types with C++ Implementation
- This example only demonstrates the documentation for types in QML
- files, but the regular \l{qml-documentation}{QML commands} may be placed
- inside C++ classes to define the public API of the QML type.
- \qmlmodule UIComponents 1.0
- \title UI Components
- \brief Basic set of UI components
- This is a listing of a list of UI components implemented by QML types. These
- files are available for general import and they are based on the
- \l{Qt Quick Examples and Tutorials}{Qt Quick Code Samples}.
- This module is part of the \l{componentset}{UIComponents} example.