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Android: add missing new line to androidtestrunner help
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diff --git a/src/tools/androidtestrunner/main.cpp b/src/tools/androidtestrunner/main.cpp
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--- a/src/tools/androidtestrunner/main.cpp
+++ b/src/tools/androidtestrunner/main.cpp
@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ static void printHelp()
" \"ANDROID_DEVICE_SERIAL\" environment variable.\n\n"
" Mandatory arguments:\n"
" --path <path>: The path where androiddeployqt builds the android package.\n"
- " --apk <apk path>: The test apk path. The apk has to exist already, if it"
+ " --apk <apk path>: The test apk path. The apk has to exist already, if it\n"
" does not exist the make command must be provided for building the apk.\n\n"
" Optional arguments:\n"
" --make <make cmd>: make command, needed to install the qt library.\n"