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Change confusing Q_DEAD_CODE_FROM_QT4_FOO define
Commit c5db8fc74 changed all instances of Q_WS_FOO to have the prefix Q_DEAD_CODE_FROM_QT4 instead, to make it clearer when reading the code that the code in question was a left-over from Qt4, when we used Q_WS_ defines instead of Q_OS_ defines. This worked well for cases of #ifdef Q_DEAD_CODE_FROM_QT4, but less so for cases of #ifndef Q_DEAD_CODE_FROM_QT4, where the code was actually unconditionally included. To make this even clearer, the defines have been replaced by checks for 1 or 0, with a comment describing how the code used to look in Qt4. The use of constants in the check also makes it easier for editors to parse the condition and show visually that the code is defined out. Change-Id: I152070d87334df7259b417cd5e17d7b7950379b7 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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#include <QtGui>
+#if 0 // Used to be included in Qt4 for Q_WS_MAC
#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
@@ -289,4 +289,4 @@ QAbstractItemModel *MacMainWindow::createDocumentModel()
return model;