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Document change to QAbstractItemView::viewOptions in porting guide
We couldn't deprecate and add the replacement in 5.15, so list it explicitly here. Amends c501e09efacb8a60deb41f85f3402f6f4c041d95. Pick-to: 6.0 6.1 Change-Id: I174a7b6214cd8b9579b029ebf57e4d5b2e28e574 Reviewed-by: Christian Ehrlicher <>
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The QComboBox::setModel() function is now virtual.
+ \section1 ItemViews
+ \section2 The QAbstractItemView class
+ The virtual viewOptions() method that previously returned a QStyleOptionViewItem
+ object has been renamed to initViewItemOption, and initializes a
+ QStyleOptionViewItem object that's passed in through a pointer.
\section1 Styling Classes and related APIs
All versioned QStyleOption subclasses are consolidated, and the version