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//! [0]
-setCellWidget(index, new QLineEdit);
+setCellWidget(row, column, new QLineEdit);
-setCellWidget(index, new QTextEdit);
+setCellWidget(row, column, new QTextEdit);
//! [0]
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not supported. For example, you can create decorated windows by
passing the Qt::Window window flag to QGraphicsWidget's constructor,
but Graphics View currently doesn't support the Qt::Sheet and
- Qt::Drawer flags that are common on OS X.
+ Qt::Drawer flags that are common on \macos.
\section3 QGraphicsLayout
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\section2 The User Rotates the Mouse Wheel
On Microsoft Windows, mouse wheel usage is always handled by the
- widget that has keyboard focus. On OS X and X11, it's handled by
+ widget that has keyboard focus. On \macos and X11, it's handled by
the widget that gets other mouse events.
The way Qt handles this platform difference is by letting widgets move
the keyboard focus when the wheel is used. With the right focus policy
on each widget, applications can work idiomatically correctly on
- Windows, OS X, and X11.
+ Windows, \macos, and X11.
\section2 The User Moves the Focus to This Window
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The widget is passed as the last argument in case the style needs
it to perform special effects (such as animated default buttons on
- OS X), but it isn't mandatory.
+ \macos), but it isn't mandatory.
In the course of this section, we will look at the style elements,
the style options, and the functions of QStyle. Finally, we describe
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the QPalette::Button role to red for a QPushButton to obtain a
red push button. However, this wasn't guaranteed to work for all
styles, because style authors are restricted by the different
- platforms' guidelines and (on Windows XP and OS X) by the
+ platforms' guidelines and (on Windows XP and \macos) by the
native theme engine.
Style sheets let you perform all kinds of customizations that are
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@
\row \li \inlineimage stylesheet-coffee-cleanlooks.png
\li \inlineimage stylesheet-pagefold-mac.png
\row \li Coffee theme running on Ubuntu Linux
- \li Pagefold theme running on OS X
+ \li Pagefold theme running on \macos
When a style sheet is active, the QStyle returned by QWidget::style()
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
otherwise forwards the drawing operations to the underlying,
platform-specific style (e.g., QWindowsXPStyle on Windows XP).
- Since Qt 4.5, Qt style sheets fully supports OS X.
+ Since Qt 4.5, Qt style sheets fully supports \macos.
@@ -3807,7 +3807,7 @@
\snippet code/doc_src_stylesheet.qdoc 135
If you want the scroll buttons of the scroll bar to be placed together
- (instead of the edges) like on OS X, you can use the following
+ (instead of the edges) like on \macos, you can use the following
\snippet code/doc_src_stylesheet.qdoc 136
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make sure that the executable is on your path, or enter its
full location.
- \li On Linux/Unix and OS X, type \c make and press
+ \li On Linux/Unix and \macos, type \c make and press
\uicontrol{Return}; on Windows with Visual Studio, type \c nmake and
press \uicontrol{Return}.