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Update model-view documentation about layoutChanged
This has always been true, but hasn't been documented well enough, so triagers are giving incorrect information in bug reports (eg QTBUG-47711 and QTBUG-53221). That incorrect information is being treated as truth by Qt users which take action based on incorrect information. That is a problem, so try to make the documentation clear. Change-Id: I4e44a9a0675cdd7d9289ec209ae32d5a92899fc9 Reviewed-by: David Faure <>
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Normally, the begin and end functions are capable of informing other components
about changes to the model's underlying structure. For more complex changes to the
- model's structure, perhaps involving internal reorganization or sorting of data,
- it is necessary to emit the \l{QAbstractItemModel::layoutChanged()}{layoutChanged()}
- signal to cause any attached views to be updated.
+ model's structure, perhaps involving internal reorganization, sorting of data or
+ any other structural change, it is necessary to perform the following sequence:
+ \li Emit the \l{QAbstractItemModel::layoutAboutToBeChanged()}{layoutAboutToBeChanged()} signal
+ \li Update internal data which represents the structure of the model.
+ \li Update persistent indexes using \l{QAbstractItemModel::changePersistentIndexList()}{changePersistentIndexList()}
+ \li Emit the \l{QAbstractItemModel::layoutChanged()}{layoutChanged()} signal.
+ This sequence can be used for any structural update in lieu of the more
+ high-level and convenient protected methods. For example, if a model of
+ two million rows needs to have all odd numbered rows removed, that
+ is 1 million discountiguous ranges of 1 element each. It would be
+ possible to use beginRemoveRows and endRemoveRows 1 million times, but
+ that would obviously be inefficient. Instead, this can be signalled as a
+ single layout change which updates all necessary persistent indexes at
+ once.
\section3 Lazy population of model data