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Qt Widgets: Document CMake macros
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+#! [qt5_wrap_ui]
+set(SOURCES mainwindow.cpp main.cpp)
+qt5_wrap_ui(SOURCES mainwindow.ui)
+add_executable(myapp ${SOURCES})
+#! [qt5_wrap_ui]
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+\page qtwidgets-cmake-qt5-wrap-ui.html
+\ingroup cmake-macros-qtwidgets
+\title qt5_wrap_ui
+\brief Creates sources for \c{.ui} files.
+\section1 Synopsis
+qt5_wrap_ui(<VAR> ui_file1 [ui_file2 ...]
+ [OPTIONS ...])
+\section1 Description
+Creates rules for calling \l{uic}{User Interface Compiler (uic)} on the given
+\c{.ui} files. For each input file, an header file is generated in the build
+directory. The paths of the generated header files are added to\c{<VAR>}.
+\note This is a low-level macro. See the \l{CMake AUTOUIC Documentation} for a
+more convenient way to process \c{.ui} files with \c{uic}.
+\section1 Options
+You can set additional \c{OPTIONS} that should be added to the \c{uic} calls.
+You can find possible options in the \l{uic}{uic documentation}.
+\section1 Examples
+\snippet cmake-macros/examples.cmake qt5_wrap_ui