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authorMitch Curtis <>2012-06-21 17:44:04 +0200
committerQt by Nokia <>2012-06-28 17:15:17 +0200
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Make QCalendarWidget use its locale's firstDayOfWeek.
QCalendarWidget currently uses Qt::Sunday as the default first day of the week. It has been suggested that a better user experience would see the calendar's locale be used instead. Task-number: QTBUG-19811 Change-Id: I4441bf9ffd52213ef622a4a7f498530b7cc9e110 Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <> Reviewed-by: Denis Dzyubenko <>
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diff --git a/src/widgets/widgets/qcalendarwidget.cpp b/src/widgets/widgets/qcalendarwidget.cpp
index 5ac7348217..7830076d0f 100644
--- a/src/widgets/widgets/qcalendarwidget.cpp
+++ b/src/widgets/widgets/qcalendarwidget.cpp
@@ -941,7 +941,7 @@ QCalendarModel::QCalendarModel(QObject *parent)
m_maximumDate = QDate(7999, 12, 31);
m_shownYear = m_date.year();
m_shownMonth = m_date.month();
- m_firstDay = Qt::Sunday;
+ m_firstDay = QLocale().firstDayOfWeek();
m_horizontalHeaderFormat = QCalendarWidget::ShortDayNames;
m_weekNumbersShown = true;
m_firstColumn = 1;
@@ -1987,7 +1987,7 @@ void QCalendarWidgetPrivate::_q_editingFinished()
A newly created calendar widget uses abbreviated day names, and
both Saturdays and Sundays are marked in red. The calendar grid is
not visible. The week numbers are displayed, and the first column
- day is Sunday.
+ day is the first day of the week for the calendar's locale.
The notation of the days can be altered to a single letter
abbreviations ("M" for "Monday") by setting the
@@ -2696,7 +2696,8 @@ void QCalendarWidget::setSelectionMode(SelectionMode mode)
\property QCalendarWidget::firstDayOfWeek
\brief a value identifying the day displayed in the first column.
- By default, the day displayed in the first column is Sunday
+ By default, the day displayed in the first column
+ is the first day of the week for the calendar's locale.
void QCalendarWidget::setFirstDayOfWeek(Qt::DayOfWeek dayOfWeek)
@@ -2997,6 +2998,7 @@ bool QCalendarWidget::event(QEvent *event)
case QEvent::LayoutDirectionChange:
case QEvent::LocaleChange:
+ d->m_model->setFirstColumnDay(locale().firstDayOfWeek());
d->cachedSizeHint = QSize();