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--- a/src/widgets/widgets/qmenu.cpp
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@@ -1473,6 +1473,9 @@ void QMenuPrivate::_q_actionTriggered()
activateCausedStack(list, action, QAction::Trigger, false);
+ // if a widget action fires, we need to hide the menu explicitly
+ if (qobject_cast<QWidgetAction*>(action))
+ hideUpToMenuBar();
@@ -1640,10 +1643,8 @@ void QMenu::initStyleOption(QStyleOptionMenuItem *option, const QAction *action)
Widgets can be inserted into menus with the QWidgetAction class.
Instances of this class are used to hold widgets, and are inserted
- into menus with the addAction() overload that takes a QAction.
- Conversely, actions can be added to widgets with the addAction(),
- addActions() and insertAction() functions.
+ into menus with the addAction() overload that takes a QAction. If the
+ QWidgetAction fires the triggered() signal, the menu will close.
\warning To make QMenu visible on the screen, exec() or popup() should be
used instead of show().