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Fix relocatable prefix for hardware-specific Linux builds
Since Qt 5.3.0 we recommend that Linux distributions place a SSE2-enabled copy of QtCore in a $PREFIX/lib/sse2 subdirectory (see Qt 5.3.0 changelog for details). Same for other hardware capabilities like AVX2 and AVX512. This use case was broken with the introduction of the 'relocatable' feature, because the prefix is determined from the location of and the relative path from libdir to prefix, which is baked in at configure time. We now try to locate the libdir below the prefix, and if that fails try again in the upper directories. Fixes: QTBUG-78948 Change-Id: Ieec6e1484974e19335cf08ae0df3ee5c0e316d28 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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