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macOS: Change NSTrackingArea to use NSTrackingActiveAlwaysHEADdev
The current implementation configured NSTrackingArea to be active while the application was active (NSTrackingActiveInActiveApp). But because of a bug in AppKit, the tracking area would sometimes stop being updated, with the result that no mouse events was being sent from AppKit. One way to trigger this bug would be to deactivate the app using cmd+tab (fast enough so that the task switcher is not showing), and reactivate it again using a mouse click. To work around this issue, this patch will instead configure the tracking area to always listen for tracking events, even when the application is inactive (NSTrackingActiveAlways). By doing so, we bypass the apparently broken behavior in AppKit related to activation. The downside is that we then also get tracking events while the application is inactive, which is against how Qt should work. So we therefore need to now check if the application is active before we forward any tracking events to QWSI. With NSTrackingActiveAlways we no longer get enter/leave events from AppKit when the application is activated/deactivated and the mouse stays on top of the application, so we now also need to handle this explicitly from the application delegate. Since we already need to keep track of which QWindow is under the mouse to be able to send out enter/leave from mouse moves, we use the same variable (s_windowUnderMouse) for this purpose as well. Because of QTBUG-35109, there was already a code path in QCocoaWindow that sent out an enter event when a window became key. This is no longer needed now that we send out enter/leave when the application is activated/deactivated. It's also questionable if sending an enter event based on a window's key status is correct, since we in Qt should also send out enter events for inactive windows. So we remove this code path since it interferes with (both the old and) the new implementation. Fixes: QTBUG-36926 Task-number: QTBUG-94447 Change-Id: I5c1105bc3102925c9c65964b4a7d1e02efd01735 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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