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CMake: Re-implement configure/qmake's command line handling in CMake
We extend configurejson2cmake to read the "commandline" information from configure.json. This data is then translated to CMake function calls and written it into commandline.cmake files. We extend QtProcessConfigureArgs.cmake to pick up those commandline.cmake files to feed our command line handling code, which is a re-implementation of the command line handling in qt_configure.prf. The command line handler sets INPUT_xxx variables, similar to configure/qmake's variables. The INPUT_xxx values are translated - to -DFEATURE_xxx=ON/OFF arguments if the input represents a feature, - to corresponding CMake variables if such a variable is known, - or to -DINPUT_xxx=yyy CMake arguments. Configure arguments that have an entry in cmake/ are actually implemented. Other arguments are likely to need more work. Task-number: QTBUG-85373 Change-Id: Ia96baa673fc1fb88e73ba05a1afb473aa074b37d Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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