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Doc: Move threading overviews from qtbase.git to qtdoc.git
- This topic is relevant to multiple modules, as illustrated by the "Thread-Support in Qt Modules" page. Multithreading can be done in both C++ and QML. - Moving also fixes links to QML-related pages. - Snippets are copied, not moved. QThreadStorage docs need them. - QDoc: "DEPENDS += qtdoc" added to keep the "\reentrant" command working. It creates a link to the "reentrant" keyword. Change-Id: I2cdf6139e62d66911561c30fcca7aab160a694b1 Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ qhp.QtXml.subprojects.classes.sortPages = true
tagfile = ../../../doc/qtxml/qtxml.tags
-depends += qtcore qtnetwork
+depends += qtcore qtnetwork qtdoc
headerdirs += ..