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authorMiguel Costa <>2018-10-16 00:59:39 +0200
committerOliver Wolff <>2018-10-16 05:19:43 +0000
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Fix build failed with ANGLE
Added eglext_angle.h and gl2ext_angle.h to the list of header files copied to include/QtANGLE during install. These two header files were introduced by the recent ANGLE update but were not added to the install. This was causing build failures when including the ANGLE headers (e.g. in qtmultimedia). Task-number: QTBUG-71158 Change-Id: If2f1a9ecfcdf509cccf2b3671adf575cc39892d4 Reviewed-by: Andre de la Rocha <> Reviewed-by: Oliver Wolff <>
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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
@qpa_headers = ( qr/^(?!qplatformheaderhelper)qplatform/, qr/^qwindowsystem/ );
-my @angle_headers = ('egl.h', 'eglext.h', 'eglplatform.h', 'gl2.h', 'gl2ext.h', 'gl2platform.h', 'ShaderLang.h', 'khrplatform.h');
+my @angle_headers = ('egl.h', 'eglext.h', 'eglext_angle.h', 'eglplatform.h', 'gl2.h', 'gl2ext.h', 'gl2ext_angle.h', 'gl2platform.h', 'ShaderLang.h', 'khrplatform.h');
my @internal_zlib_headers = ( "crc32.h", "deflate.h", "gzguts.h", "inffast.h", "inffixed.h", "inflate.h", "inftrees.h", "trees.h", "zutil.h" );
my @zlib_headers = ( "zconf.h", "zlib.h" );
@ignore_headers = ( @internal_zlib_headers );