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platformsupport/input: add xkbcommon utilities lib
xcb/eglfs/wayland - all use XKB keyboard configs and APIs. There is a lot of duplicated and naturally a diverging code. This patch adds a helper library to avoid all the mentioned problems and unify feature set between these platforms. qlibinputkeyboard: Added a fixup for 2803cdf758dbae1006a0c50300af12dac9f71531. From spec: "keysyms, when bound to modifiers, affect the rules [..]", meaning we can't look at keys in isolation, but have to check if bounding exists in the keymap. This is done by using xkb_state_mod_name_is_active() API, but that API has its limitations - I will fix this separately in the LTS (5.12) branch. We need to read the modifier state before the key action. This patch fixes a regression introduced by aforementioned patch, which caused modifiers being reported wrongly in QKeyEvent::modifiers(). qtwayland: Moved toKeysym(QKeyEvent) from qtwayland repository into this library. For this and other key mapping functionality wayland was duplicating the key table. All of that will be removed from qtwayland, and calls will be replaced to use this lib. Adjusted toKeysym() to fix QTBUG-71301. Qt keys don't map to ASCII codes, so first we need search in our key table, instead of mapping from unicode. lookupStringNoKeysymTransformations(): fixed off-by-one error, where we were including terminating NUL in QString. Fixes: QTBUG-71301 Task-number: QTBUG-65503 Change-Id: Idfddea5b34ad620235dc08c0b9e5a0669111821a Reviewed-by: Johan Helsing <>
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"QtEventDispatcherSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/eventdispatchers",
"QtFontDatabaseSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/fontdatabases",
"QtInputSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/input",
+ "QtXkbCommonSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/input/xkbcommon",
"QtPlatformCompositorSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/platformcompositor",
"QtServiceSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/services",
"QtThemeSupport" => "$basedir/src/platformsupport/themes",