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automate handling of generated headers some more
let the syncqt + qt_module_header.prf pair handle generation of forwarding headers. in qtbase this is ineffective to some degree, as the need to create QtCore's forwarding headers early for QtBootstrap requires already doing the real work, but at least we get the verification that nothing breaks. Other Modules (TM) will need the full functionality. Change-Id: Ifd3dfa05c4c8a91698a365160edb6dabc84e553f Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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%classnames = (
"qglobal.h" => "QtGlobal",
"qendian.h" => "QtEndian",
+ "qconfig.h" => "QtConfig",
"qplugin.h" => "QtPlugin",
"qalgorithms.h" => "QtAlgorithms",
"qcontainerfwd.h" => "QtContainerFwd",