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CMake: Fix painting examples to build as standalone projectsHEADdev
The examples use an intermediate object library to avoid duplicate file compilation. The examples worked when built as part of Qt because the shared directory was always added, and Qt::OpenGL is available implicitly. Change each project to add_subdirectory(../shared) if the object library is not available, thus making the examples build as standalone projects. Call find_package inside the shared project, to ensure the Qt packages are found. Create an alias called 'painting_shared::painting_shared' and link against that to ensure that any failure is caught at configure time rather than build time. Adapt the pathstroke example to use the object library. Comment out the code for the OpenGL scopes, because it's handled by the object library. Make sure the OpenGL dependency is public. Make sure to run moc and compile the OpenGL specific files as well. Task-number: QTBUG-87444 Change-Id: Ib0ecb68948581c5267ca04f19d8043fa44ff3d54 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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